Leach Laser

Laser marking and engraving of a wide range of materials is a widely used and accepted technology. The Leach Laser job shop has been performing this service since 1992 in the Phoenix area. We serve a wide range of industries, although our core business is part marking of aircraft and aerospace parts.


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Laser Engraving


Leach Lasers features YAG and CO2 Laser Engraving also Hi resolution 4-color printing

Most materials can be marked by our array of lamp-driven, pumped diode, and fiber YAG lasers, and CO2 lasers.

Laser marking has the following advantages, compared to other marking methods:

  • Permanent non-contact product identification
  • Serialization; frequent message changes
  • Very small character sizes, in hard to mark places
  • Graphics and logos readily engraved
  • High quality, High visibility marks
  • Low cost

With the recent addition of our DCS Direct Jet Printer, we can now offer very high resolution 4-color printing on a variety of surfaces, including plastics, wood, metal, glass, golf balls, etc. This allows for greater creativity in combining printing and engraving to produce your unique product.





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