Part Marking


The core business of Leach Laser is marking industrial parts with data and logos.  Our long-time experience in working with customers from varied industries has given us the expertise to handle most marking situations.  We can meet any laser marking specifications.  Our aerospace and aircraft parts manufacturer customers frequently require quick turnaround, and our goal is to turn part marking jobs in 24 hours, or sooner if expedited.  We offer free pickup and delivery for our industrial customers in the Phoenix area.  Part marking orders can ship to us from anywhere in the US via UPS.


Laser marking is a quick, economical alternative to traditional marking methods like mechanical engraving, electomechanical marking, acid etching, or ink stamp.

Medical, dental, and food service instruments are easily marked with a distinct black mark on stainless steel  items.


Hand tools often require individual identification and and can be quickly and permanently laser marked.  Our customers include several tool manufacturers as well as corporate and military accounts.

In the case of large quantities of tools to be marked that cannot leave the premises, we have the capability of temporarily moving a laser to your location.


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